Ben Pascut & Beniamin Pascut
Ben Pascut & Beniamin Pascut

Ben Pascut, PhD –
Changing the world one leader at a time.

A public intellectual and interdisciplinary leader dedicated to unlocking the full potential of leaders like you.



By nurturing a sense of wonder that transcends conventional boundaries, I empower leaders to set ambitious goals and transform imaginative ideas into tangible outcomes.


By immersing in meaningful dialogue that builds empathy, I equip leaders to cultivate versatility, nurtures co-dependence, and stimulates personal and professional growth.


By transcending the confines of individual disciplines, I empower emerging leaders to explore new frontiers, develop breakthrough ideas, and generate innovative solutions to increase human flourishing.


Public Intellectual

Engaged audiences at Oxford, St. Andrews, Cambridge, Harvard, Brown, Yale, and Princeton Universities to foster collaboration beyond disciplinary boundaries and tackle complex challenges that drive societal progress and contribute to holistic flourishing.


Served as a Research Consultant with the National Geographic Channel for a documentary nominated for the Grierson Trust Best Documentary Series Award and available in 435+ million homes and 173 countries.

Leadership Center Director

Directed a center of transformative leadership at Yale, empowering the student body to embark on a life of service and leadership in different sectors of society.

Academic Leadership

Acted as the Academic Dean with leadership responsibility for the academic affairs of an undergraduate program ranked among the top ten online Christian programs by Yahoo Finance.

University Chaplain

Rendered invaluable vocational, educational, emotional, and spiritual assistance to the academic communities of Bowdoin College, Brown University, and Yale University, fostering a nurturing and enriching environment.

Current Role

Serving as Director of Learning and Development for Ambassador Enterprises, a groundbreaking equity firm committed to driving performance acceleration and investing for three returns.


Cambridge University

A Ph.D. degree with a specialization in conducting interdisciplinary research at the intersection of philosophy, sociology, and religious studies.


Nathan Mayer Leadership Award

For demonstrating excellent leadership & intellectual qualities and potential.

Anna Ayre Teaching Award

In recognition of exceptional teaching ability by facilitating transformative learning experiences.


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Sasha Grey

Fashion Weekly Editor

Julian has been our ace card for a while now – he's dependable, always delivering his work on time. The quality of his work is of such high standard that we often don't need too many layers of edits to get the first draft into the published version. He helps us cover meaningful stories with a distinct voice, while also working as a team player. If you're looking for a quality writer, Julian's one I'd vouch for.

Martha Smith

World Politics Editor

Julian is one of those writers who are able to distinguish their own voice throughout any piece of work, without losing the soul of the publication itself. He's able to pick up on some of the finer nuances of the political climate and express them in words that are easy to comprehend and digest by many audiences. He's a delight to work with, and such a nice person, too.

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