Ben Pascut & Beniamin Pascut
Ben Pascut & Beniamin Pascut


Leadership Love for the Powerless

My love for leadership started very early when I learned the meaning of my name. Beniamin, in Hebrew, means son (ben) at my right hand (iamin) and paints a portrait of one entrusted with honor and power as an advisor to the king. What a name to have while being born in poverty in a communist country, where your destiny is already written, and there’s no prospect for greatness except the longing in your heart.
The fervent desire to live up to my name took me on a long journey across countries and in communities where I discovered a profound truth: leadership is not a relentless pursuit of power for the sake of power, but a lifetime endeavor to attain power for the noble purpose of imparting it to others, empowering them toward well-being and flourishing. Never could I have imagined how far my name would take me as it guided me to gain seats of high impact and influence. Against all odds, I climbed the highest mountains not for the world to see me but for me to see the world. And what a sight it is to behold the magnificence of humanity’s infinite possibilities despite the tragedy of the human condition.

Will you join me in adding our names to the history of people who have loved the powerless, looked out for them, and sought for them when they were lost, and died to save them, passing them from hand to hand to the next generation of leaders, and the next?


Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.


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